Because women come in every size.

Bre33 is a fitness clothing brand whose main goal is to transform the notion that every woman is a yoga pants woman. Women come in every size, the people who wear Bre33 are strong, confident women who may or may not have previously shopped in the mens section. They aren't defined by the size of their waist, they want to be womanly.. to be manly.. to be free.

Bre33 had certain constraints and concerns due to previous identity designs from branding with other creatives. Her current vibe felt a little too "summer camp".  We decided to pair a strong, bold, font to help counter the overly friendly and happy feel of Comfortaa.  Summer Ellison Design then set up a new photoshoot with the aim to make the women in the photos a little edgier, tougher, and a little closer to the projected target audience.

With a website redesign, new photography, an adjustment in font and colors, the style guide for Bre33 aired on the side of inherent , but casual toughness.

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