I'd Like to live in a flat, but a van will do.

I have always been half cabin/ half flat, five star hotel / mat in a van, the best of coffee and food / in-n -out, jazz / deep house, lover of poetry and also biology. Ideally on the weekend, I want to go sailing or surfing before throwing on my heels for fine dining or a ballet. I love to experience new things and I thrive in unpredictable experiences with new people. I'm excited by the fact that life can change at any moment.

Oh, oh... you wanted to talk about art? Some themes of my art include: economical inequality and uncertainty, isolation from society, and estrangement because of the digitalization of everything. In addition, I do identity work and supplement material for both seasoned and unseasoned brands. I specifically focus on the vision of each brand/company to create memorable works that solidify how each brand/company is perceived.

In a lot of ways my personal art/design is an attempt to show a disconnect between people and the world in which they live.  Often times, my art/design reflects themes such as mass-consumerism, technological and industrial takeover, materialism, egoism, and the psychological ramifications of fashion, wealth, etc.

I enjoy work that is digital, forward, new, and challenging.

I am always a person. Well, sometimes.

Chadwick Boseman
Brand & UI Designer
Nicole Beharie
Brand Strategist
Brian Helgeland
Operations Director

“We love them”

Joey Tribbiani
Apple Inc.

“Amazing work”

Rachel Green
Amazon Inc

“Award winning”

Chandler Bing
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